Employee Disability Benefits Attorneys.


Attorneys Terry Low and Anthony Canata represent employees seeking short and long term disability benefits through employer sponsored benefit plans.

From their office in Northampton, Massachusetts, they assist claimants in applying for benefits, appealing denials and litigating claims in federal courts throughout the country.

The law governing these benefits (ERISA) gives insurers an unfair advantage over unsuspecting claimants.  Insurers have been caught abusing this advantage to deny meritorious claims for their own profits.   

Attorneys Low and Canata can help.  They will evaluate your claim, simplify the process for you and work with you to devise a fee structure tailored to your situation. The attorneys have helped countless employees win benefits on appeal and in federal court.



Helpful Information About Long Term Disability Claims



Attorneys Low and Canata provide judgment, experience and perspective for clients overwhelmed with health and legal challenges.  Find out more about them here.


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