Have You Been Denied Long Term Disability Benefits?

At the law offices of Low and Canata in Northampton, MA, we represent employees seeking long term disability benefits through employer sponsored benefit plans, including ERISA plans. (Employee Retirement Income Security Act)

If you have been denied long term disability benefits, we can help. We do not charge fees for initial consultations or to evaluate your claim. Contact our firm to find out if we are the right fit to handle your long term disability appeal or claim.

Disability Insurance Companies We Know Quite Well

We have handled countless claims against all of the big insurers that deny valid claims. Chances are, we have had success against your insurer.

Why Choose Low and Canata for Your LTD Claim?



When someone contacts us, we listen, gather the information we need, assess the case and either agree to help or explain why it is not feasible for us to handle the matter.



You may be considering appealing a denial without hiring an attorney, or you may just want to know more about long term disability appeals before contacting one. We provide helpful articles, videos and case digests on topics of interest for those who have been denied group long term disability benefits.



With access to the internet and social media, you don’t have to take a chance on an attorney you don’t know. We are proud of the work we have done for former clients and invite you to find and read reviews from those who have worked with us.



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We understand how important it is for you to choose the right firm to protect your Long Term Disability benefits. Here is what you can expect from us when you decide to have Low & Canata represent you.

Overview of Our Process

Initial Consultation

We will talk to you on the phone, exchange emails or meet with you in person to determine the kind of disability claim that you have, the reason your benefits were denied or terminated, and whether we think we can help. If appropriate, we will review your claim file and discuss a representation agreement.

Federal Court Review

ERISA claimants do not generally have a right to trial in federal court. A judge simply reviews the insurer's determination. We welcome the opportunity to present our cases to judges, as unlike the insurer they do not have a financial incentive to deny valid claims.

Applying For Benefits or Appealing Denials

This is the time to make your claim. We are thorough and creative about gathering and submitting evidence to prove your claim, leaving the insurer no reasonable basis for a denial.

Federal Court Appeals

ERISA law is complex. If a district court judge denies a claim, we can and have successfully appealed such denials to the relevant Circuit Court of Appeals.

Some Helpful Resources


Ordorf v. Paul Revere Life Insurance Company, 404 F.3d 510 (1st Cir. 2005)

Ordorf v. Paul Revere Life Insurance Company, 404…

Ordorf v. Paul Revere Life Insurance Company, 404 F.3d 510…

FMC Corporation v. Holliday, 498 U.S. 52 (1990)

FMC Corporation v. Holliday, 498 U.S. 52 (1990)

FMC Corporation v. Holliday, 498 U.S. 52 (1990) The issue…

Why ERISA Insurers Are Working Against You

Why ERISA Insurers Are Working Against You

Why ERISA Insurers Are Working Against You The Insurance Industry…

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