“My experience working with Attorneys Terry Low and Tony Canata was phenomenal.  They communicate proactively and using many convenient methods to get back to me quickly, i.e. phone, email, texting, etc.  I never felt that I didn’t know what was going on in terms of the status or next steps for my claim appeal.  They are also experts in ERISA law and extremely detail oriented.  All of this helped me to keep my stress levels down while I was dealing with a miserable chronic illness.  I would highly recommend these Attorneys!”  -Loren G.

         "My pre existing illness became disabling due to new construction at work.  I applied for short term disability benefits and was denied when the insurer claimed my case  was worker’s comp.  I had to in effect disprove a worker’s comp case in order to win my short and long term disability insurance claims.  I was turned down by other attorneys and never told why. Terry accepted my case saying “I enjoy a challenge”.  He felt other attorneys turned me down because my case was so difficult.  However, that did not phase Terry. In the end he used my previous employers own documentation (originally intended to discredit me) against their own insurance company to win my case!!  I truly believe it was Terry’s diversified background and 20 years of experience in workers compensation, social security disability and private group ERISA disability insurance that made the difference.  He skillfully navigated all three areas and put together an awesome and winning case. Today I am able to live with both SSDI and long term disability insurance benefits, which I never would have received without Terry’s help.  I cannot recommend him more highly.  He got results when other attorneys wouldn’t even try. Thank you so very much Terry.  Yours truly, Maribeth L. Beauchamp"

“The struggle with pain/suffering from my condition was difficult enough without the added stress of the disability denial. I searched for an Attorney to help, and Attorneys Low and Canata offered to help when no one else would. Atty Canata prepared a great appeal; not only is he an expert and amazingly skilled in his work, but he also empathized with my struggle and articulated so well what had happened. To me, the appeal was a victory in itself, regardless of the outcome – which turned out to be a win. His support and expertise has also helped reduce my stress, allowing me to focus more on my health. Throughout the entire process, he has been incredibly helpful, understanding, and compassionate. I understand Attorneys Low and Canata work together as a team, and I am forever grateful to them for everything they’ve done for me.”
– Anonymous


Terry Low is an exceptional lawyer, highly experienced and knowledgeable and relentlessly tenacious.  In my own case, he was 100% successful, in terms of service, he was available, responsible and gave me accurate, direct information and answers to my questions.”